Wednesday, 12 July 2017

10 July 2017

In celebration of Librarians’ Day 2017 LIASA MAIG invited librarians to send photographs of themselves – capturing their unique sense of style - as a librarian.
 #librarianwardrobe #thisiswhatalibrarianlookslike#LibrariansDay2017

To see the photos, visit our Facebook Page: This is what South African librarians look like!


MAIG Webinar: Become a superhero for your faculty - embedded librarianship in an academic institution
The Marketing and Advocacy Interest Group (MAIG) would like to invite all LIASA members to join us for a webinar presentation using the LIASA BigBlueButton web conferencing system.
This webinar will address embedded librarianship and how to play an important role in the faculty.
Date: Tuesday 30 May 2017

Time: 11:00 – 12:00

Venue: – BigBlueButton

Presenter: Cora Bezuidenhout, Information Specialist at the University of Pretoria

Registration: LIASA members please complete our online registration form.

Access: Access a demo version of Big Blue Button at Please test that everything is working - including the microphone. Scroll down to Big Blue Button on the LIASA webpage and select Embedded Librarianship. The password is #superhero.

Technical issues: Please contact, or 012 324 6096 for all technical enquiries.

More about Cora Bezuidenhout Cora joined the University of Pretoria’s Department of Library Services in 2009 and was appointed as Information Specialist in the Faculty Library for Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology in 2013. She is information specialist for the departments of Civil engineering, Industrial& Systems engineering and Mechanical & Aeronautical engineering.


Monday, 13 February 2017

The Marketing and Advocacy Interest Group (MAIG) of LIASA ran a survey from November to January 2017. 59% of LIASA members who completed the survey indicated that they were not familiar with the existence and activities of the Interest Group. MAIG would like to rectify this anomaly by providing LIASA members an opportunity to get to know this Interest Group better, and also update existing members’ details.

We kindly request all LIASA members interested in the topics “Marketing and Advocacy” (and we believe every librarian falls in this category) to please update their membership details by completing our online form. Everyone who updates their details before end of February 2017, will be eligible for a special prize at the MAIG Annual General Meeting during the LIASA conference in October 2017.

The aims and objectives of MAIG is to:
• To support and promote the aims and objectives of LIASA;
• To unite library and information workers interested in marketing and advocating for our profession;
• To provide for the exchange of new ideas and experiences among members;
• To liaise and co-operate with other groups and organizations in the advancement of marketing and advocacy of library and information services in South Africa;
• To advocate for the enhancement and development of LIS in South Africa;
• To advocate for, and address issues which are important to and which affect LIS in South Africa;
• To commit to quality library services, which benefit the users of library and information services in South Africa.

Contact MAIG
If you’d like to contact one of us, you are welcome to contact any one of the Committee members: